Technique Tuesdays – Week 1 Weightlifting

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Glad you could join us for Technique Tuesdays!  We’ll be coming at you with some technical review of our lifters, offering points of performance and suggestions for improving each lift.  Here’s Xiao during yesterday’s snatch work!

Turmeric: An Amazing Tool for Recovery

Some see a strange little orange root. I see arguably one of the most powerful recovery and health tools you can add into your arsenal of nutrition. Turmeric has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine to help treat inflammatory conditions.  Systematic and chronic inflammation has been linked to a host of non communicable diseases, like arthritis,…

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Better Squatting for Better Lifting

If you love the snatch, clean, and jerk as much as I do, then your next best friend better be the squat. The foundation of any weightlifting program, squats in all of their variations are an essential aspect of a well designed strength and conditioning program.  Strong legs, hips, and core will follow when you…

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Weightlifting Tips: The Single Leg Deadlift

If you want to get better at the snatch, clean, and jerk you better snatch, clean and jerk!! However, there are a variety of accessory movements that iron out strength imbalances between sides of the body, but also aid as recovery tools. One of my favorite early in the program movements is the single leg…

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Weightlifting Tips: The Muscle Clean

Having trouble getting under that heavy clean??? It might not only be technique but also a lack of strength in the third pull that is slowing you down. Today we look at the utility of the muscle clean on improving overall performance in the clean. If you like this video, you’ll love our new Olympic…

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Weightlifting Tips: No Hook, No Brush, No Feet Snatch

One of the most effective tools to help fix jumping forward or backwards in the snatch, the No Hook Grip, No Brush, No Feet Snatch is today’s focus in the third installment of Building a Better Weightlifter. If you like this video, If you like this video, you’ll love our new weightlifting program beginning Monday…

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Weightlifting Tips: The Jerk Drive

If the dip-drive of the split jerk has eluded you like Ahab’s white wale, this video might be worth giving a look see.  Jerk drives reduce the technical requirements of the split jerk, focusing on on the dip drive mechanics necessary to lift some big weight overhead. If you like this video, you’ll love our…

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Weightlifting Tips: Barbell From Floor to Hip

Today is the first part of a 5 part series of Building a Better Weightlifter.  We’ll be releasing a video each day with some tips on how you can improve your snatch, clean, and jerk.  In today’s video, we focus on building awareness of the most important positions of the snatch and clean as the…

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Steelworks Lifting Analysis of Brie O’s PR Snatch Double

Olympic Weightlifting is an incredibly athletic and technical sport.  It seems like everyday there is something to work on and get better at, which can mean simultaneous frustration and yet a desire to test and  explore. Today, we break down  Brie O’s new PR Snatch double at 125#.  Not too shabby considering her current 1…

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