The Origin of Steelworks Strength Systems Philadelphia

In an age of tremendous prosperity and technological advances, a terribly troubling theme weaves its way into the pages of the American story: People disconnected from their neighbors and their own bodies and commodities like health and unity in short supply. Steelworks Strength Systems offers a counter narrative. With steel and sweat as our pen and ink, we look to write the next chapter of the American saga.

Steelworks Strength Systems is a strength and conditioning facility located in the Brewerytown neighborhood of Philadelphia. Through a fitness regimen that utilizes a mixture of movements found in Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, and Endurance events, Steelworks Strength Systems is committed to improving the health and well-being of men and women of all ages.

Our story begins in a small high school cafeteria in the winter of 2012. In a past life, I was a teacher of US History and Government at the Girard Academic Music Program, a small music magnet school in South Philadelphia. At the same time I began this job, I had also found the “Sport of Fitness”, fallen in love with it, and voraciously consumed any piece of literature dealing with exercise science. As a self-proclaimed fitness fanatic, I would frequently talk with some of my students about workout routines and share what I knew about habits of wellness. Many seemed generally interested with the unorthodox workouts I was doing in my spare time. So much that in January 2012, I used what meager savings I had and purchased some squat racks, barbells, bumper plates, kettlebells and other miscellaneous materials and started The Movement Program, an after-school strength and conditioning club.

Gym in Fairmount Philadelphia

The students loved it. For many, it was a chance to smash through personal limits and squash inner demons. Most of my athletes saw a tremendous increase in self-confidence. They walked the halls with a swagger gained only by conquering the day’s hellish torments. For others, the physical changes were extraordinary. One of my students lost over sixty pounds in seven months! What was also remarkable was how well these kids had bonded with each other, forming new and lasting friendships. The workout programming was effective. The established culture was nourishing and supportive. I remember thinking to myself, “how can I take this experience to the next level?”

1-25-13 MOVE2


And so, the idea for Steelworks Strength Systems was born.

The mission of Steelworks Strength Systems mirrors the efforts of a blacksmith as he cares for steel. Steel, much like people, does not begin shiny nor sturdy. Ragged it stands, adorned with none of the trimmings of beauty and strength. In the flames of the hottest fire, steel begins to understand its essence. It softens to harden, it glows with pulsing intensity finding only later a steady and determined shape. All metal, however, can burn with ease. It is only under the careful guide of a skilled smith that steel can realize its full potential. With carefully directed heat and pressure, seemingly dull and shapeless matter transcends its limitations, transforming into a shining exemplar of power and grace.

With that philosophy in mind, we help mold you into the person you want to become with unique methodology of training. If you are interested in joining, contact us today.


The coaches of Steelworks Strength Systems are the blacksmiths of human potential. We are called to forge lives. We strive to learn. We learn to teach. We teach to empower. We empower you to change your world for the better.