Everyone deserves to live in a body that is strong, mobile, and durable.

That’s why our programming is carefully designed to challenge you safely across a broad range of movements and intensities.

We break down each day’s workout in the following format:


Given the complex and challenging nature of our training, we make sure our clients are properly warmed up.  Breathing technique work always begins this portion of the class followed by a series of mobility-integration couplets.  We target a movement pattern with a release drill and then follow it with an exercise to integrate the new pattern in the brain and body.

Clients focus on improving balance, reaction (to auditory, visual, or kinesthetic cues), or agility during this portion of the class.  We value the development of these skills to ensure that our clients have better control of their bodies in more dynamic settings.

Everything from unloaded jump training (plyometrics), speed strength work (medballs and kettlebells), power generation (olympic weightlifting), or maximal strength (heavy squats, deadlifts, weighted gymnastics movements) will be found in this section of the day’s training.  We train across many intensities and loading patterns to develop more balanced strength expressions.  Our clients are not only capable of lifting heavy weights, but they are capable of of moving lighter weights explosively.  Our clients build lots of lean muscle, but they are also mobile, too.

If improved fat burning and feeling more energetic is your end goal, your conditioning sessions need to be varied in their intensities.  Your body has three primary ways of making energy.  Each of these systems work concurrently, but one will come to dominate energy production depending on the intensity and duration of the movement.

Alactic:  Up to 10 seconds of 100% max effort.  Think a 100 meter sprint or 10 seconds as hard as you can go on an air bike.  This develops our ability to be powerful.  Super high central nervous system demand requires lots of recovery between efforts.

Glycolytic:  Between 1-2 minutes of submaximal effort.  This is the energy system that is associated with that burning sensation.  One of the “anaerobic” energy systems, this system dominates during efforts that are really hard and of moderate duration.  Think of running 1 lap around a high school track as hard as you can, or 1 minute as hard as you can on a rowing erg.  Sheer terror.  Too much work in this system is not good for most everyday folks, however, due to the high cost associated with this level of intensity and duration.  Generally, nearly 48-72 hours of recovery is needed before another session of this nature is attempted.

Aerobic:  Over 5 minutes in length.  Moderate effort.  Longer, more continuous, and repetitive efforts predominate this energy system.  The majority of our energy system development is done in this intensity.  Clients develop the ability to move oxygen really well throughout their body, optimize fat burning, and spare lean muscle mass from damage.

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