Flatten the Curve – Workout 13

1 minute jumping jacks
10 Cat Camel + 10 Alternating Quad/Hip/Hamstring Flow + 20 Good Mornings

A1.  Single Leg Deadlift
3131 tempo
4 sets of 16 (Up L Down L, Up R Down R), alternating
*Note:  Keep lower back flat, not only during each rep, but also transitioning between legs.
Load a basket or bucket or anything heavyish around the house.
Rest 30 seconds.

A2. Neutral Pelvis Leg Lowering Abs
As slow as needed to maintain control over pelvis.
4 sets of 3-5 reps.
*Note:  Lower back must maintain contact with floor throughout entire set.  Lower legs only as low a neutral pelvis will allow.
Rest 1 minute.