All Levels’ Warmup
2rds NFT: 200 m run, 2 Wall Walks, 10 Kettlebell Racked Squats (5 in l arm, 5 in r arm), 10 Scapula Ring Rows

All Levels
A. Take 10 minutes to practice
Freestanding Handstand Hold / Handstand Walk
B. Take 15 minutes to build to a challenging Front Squat Triple; X0X1.
Beginners: 30X1, sets of 5
C1. Dumbbell Strict Press; 30X1
3 sets of 10
Rest 30 seconds.
C2. Single Arm Ring Row; 30X1
3 sets of 8 L 8 R
Rest 90 seconds.

5 minute cooldown.