Strength: Speed Strength
ESD: Alactic

500 M Run (before class starts)
Sympathetic Breathing Protocol
PVC Pass Throughs (20 Back and Forth) + Jog in Gym DNB x2
Bretzel 5 each side + Wall Facing MB Tosses (20, alternating)
Goblet Half Kneeling Tuck with Forward Shift (10 each leg) + Carioca with High Knee Drive DNB x 2
Hip Hamstring Flow (8 each leg) + “B Skip” (DNB) x2
Plate Ankle Stretch (10 each leg) + Ankle Hops

All Levels
A. Change of Direction Complex
6 sets. Rest 90 seconds.
Alternate orientation each set.
B. Reactive Medball Shuffle to Toss
3 sets of 12, alternating
Rest 1 minute.
C1. Split Start Dumbbell Snatch
3 sets of 12, alternating
Rest 30 seconds.
C2. Strict Knees to Elbows; 40X1
4 sets of 5
Rest 90 seconds.
7 min AMQRAP
3 Wall Walks
15 Russian Kettlebell Swings
*Conversational pace.

5 minute cooldown.