500 m run before class.
Sympathetic Breathing
10 PVC Pass Throughs + 10 Alt Kettlebell Halos
10 Plank Shoulder Circles + 10 Plank Shoulder Taps
10 Quad Hip Hamstring Flow + 10 Goblet Squats
Box Formations

A. Push Press
X1X1 tempo
6 sets of 3
Rest 90 seconds. Build, but not to failure.
B. Front Squat; 30X1
3 sets of 5
Rest 2 minutes. Build, but not to failure.

Energy System Development
In 3 minutes
40 meter Waiters + Racked Carry (Switch sides, repeat)
AMQRAP Wall Balls
Rest 2 minutes.
x3 Build intensity across sets.

5 minute easy run, row, bike cooldown.

Outdoor Fitness Program

Sympathetic Breathing Protocol
10 Cat Camels + 10 Jumping Good Mornings
10 Plank Shoulder Circles + 10 Alternating Yoga Pec Stretch
10 Plank Rocked Back Calf Stretch + 20 M Pogo
10 Quad / Hip / Hamstring Flow + 10 Air Squats
5 Drop Catch Fast Feet for 5 seconds.

A. Double Leg Hill Bounds, TNG
4 sets Up the Hill
No rest.
A2. Clapping Pushups, TNG
4 sets of 5-8
Rest 2 minutes.

Energy System Development
10 min AMQRAP
20 Russian Kettlebell Swings
400 M Run
20 Twisting Bears to Single Leg Crab
*80-90% ME

5 minute easy walk jog cooldown.

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