Over the next two weeks, I’ll be releasing videos featuring workouts you can do at home or outside to help you all maintain your fitness (and sanity) while we all do our part to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Without further ado:


5 minutes easy running.
Sympathetic Breathing Protocol (5 breaths – 8 second inhale, fast exhale)
10 Cat Camel then 10 Alternating Quad, Hip, Hamstring Flow – 10 Jumping Good Mornings.
10 Plank Shoulder Circles (each direction)- 5-10 Pushups
10 Side Leg Swings – 20 meter Carioca Down and Back, facing same direction.
5 Drop-Catch-Fast Feet for 5 seconds.

A. Steep Hill Sprints
2-3 sets of 3 x 20 meters.
Rest 90 seconds between each interval.
Rest 3 minutes between sets.
*100% Max Effort on each interval.

*Coach’s Note: With gyms closed across the state, most of you might not have access to weights. So how can we overload the body with no weights? Hill Sprints. Couple the steep incline with the need to generate high rates of force in short time frame, these are great for recruiting increased amounts of muscle fibers. If you haven’t been sprinting in a while, these are also much safer for your hamstrings than normal sprints on a flat surface as overall speed is reduced.

Boxer’s Trail in Brewerytown has some great steep hills if you want to get in some nature. If you can’t find a steep hill, try a set of stairs like…oh, I don’t know, the Art Museum steps….

Energy System Development (ESD)
8 min AMQRAP (As Many QUALITY Rounds as Possible)
16 Supine Bridge Walk Outs. (8 steps out, 8 steps back)
16 Alternating Single Leg Pushups
*80-90% Max Effort.

Coach’s Note: Try and shoot for even pacing on this one. The bridge walk outs will light up your hamstrings, if performed correctly. Keep the toes pointed towards your face (ankle dorsiflexion) the entire set. The hips/butt cannot touch the ground as you walk out.

Single Leg Pushups will challenge the lower back/ hips/core a little more. If you can’t do this variation, regular pushups (with chest and legs hitting the floor each rep) or elevated on a box or bench pushups are just as good!

If you’ve got questions, please email me at brian@steelworksstrength.com.

Stay safe.  Stay healthy!