5 minutes easy run.
Sympathetic Breathing Protocol
10 Plank Shoulder Circles – 10 Plank Shoulder Taps, alternating.
10 Alternating Quad/Hip/Hamstring Flow – 10 Air Squats
5 Drop Catch Fast Feet for 5 seconds.

A.  10 minutes EMOM (Every minute on the minute)
30 seconds in Frog Stand.

*Coach’s Note:  Finger tips dig into the floor, push through the floor through the shoulders.  If having trouble balancing, place one foot on floor until you regain stability.

Energy System Development
5 Rounds Paced Effort
10 Slow Tempo Squats (5050 tempo – 5 sec descent, no pause in bottom, 5 sec ascent, no pause at top)
20 Piked Leg Raises

*Coach’s Note:  Want to make the squats a little more challenging?  Perform goblet squats with a moderately heavy weight.  Really fight to hold the correct tempo as the workout progresses.  On the piked leg raises, the closer you have your hands to your hips the harder they become.  Focus on keeping the torso as vertical as possible as you lift your legs.

Stay healthy.  Stay safe!