Flatten the Curve – Workout 4

Drive to West River Drive and park at the parking lot across the street from Boelson Cottage

You’ll find a set of pullup bars just north east from the parking lot where you can complete the workout.

5 minute easy running
Sympathetic Breathing Protocol
10 Bent Over Lat Stretch – 20 Scapula Chinups
10 Alternating Quad/Hip/Hamstring Flow – 20 Walking Lunges
10 Side Leg Swings – 5 Drop Catch Fast Feet for 5 seconds.

Energy System Development
15 min AMQRAP (As Many QUALITY Rounds as Possible)
10 Strict Chinups
20 Jumping Lunges
400 M Run (run northeast towards the next parking lot and back)

*Note:  Can’t do strict chin-ups?  Perform 15 jumping chin-ups.  If you don’t have assistance bands, pull yourself as high as you can and scale to 5 partial strict chin-ups.  🙂

Have fun!