Flatten the Curve – Workout 5

30 seconds jumping jacks on / off
Sympathetic Breathing Protocol
10 Plank Shoulder Circles L R + 10 Pushups
10 Cat Camel + 10 Good Mornings
10 Side Leg Swings + 10-20 sec side plank hold L R

Energy System Development
10 min AMQRAP
4 Forward Steps of Bear Crawl
4 Backward Steps of Bear Crawl
4 Forward Steps of Crab Walk
4 Backwards Steps of Crab Walk
4 Starfish L
4 Starfish R


  • On Bear Crawls and Crab Walks, opposite foot and hand hit at the same time as you move.
  • On Crab Walks, shoot to keep the hips up as high as possible.  It will be hard if you do not have full range of shoulder extension.
  • On Starfish, if too difficult to balance on hand, drop to elbow and perform reps from there.