500 m run before class.
Sympathetic Breathing
10 Plank Shoulder Circles L R + 10 Plank Shoulder Taps
5 Bretzel L R + 10 Wall Facing Medball Tosses
10 PVC Bent Over Lat Stretch + 10 Scapula Chinups
10 Quad Hip Hamstring Flow + 5 Hang Power Cleans
3 Drop Catch Fast Feet for 5 seconds.

A. Rotational Medball Slams
4 sets of 12, alternating
Rest 1 minute.
B1. Clean Deadlift to Above Knee + Pause 2 sec + Hang Power Clean
6 sets of (1+1) x 2
Rest 30 seconds. Build, but not to failure.
B2. Elevator Strict Chinups
Pause 1 sec at 90 degrees on the way up and down.
5 sets of 3
Rest 90 seconds.

Energy System Development
30 seconds at each
Bilateral Battle Rope Waves
Rest 3 minutes.
*100% ME on each set.  No not hold back.

5 minute cooldown.

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